About Raukawa Grant Funding

Raukawa makes a strong commitment to give back to our marae and iwi members as we prudently administer our settlement funds. This year we are honoured and privileged to be able to support the development and future of our iwi with over $700,000 of funding which is available for marae, education, kuia and koroua wellbeing, and sports grants.




Raukawa Kuia and Koroua Wellbeing Grants

Eligible iwi members who are aged 60 years and over are able to apply for up to $1000 in wellbeing and healthcare related support. The annual grant looks towards supporting eligible iwi members by alleviating the costs associated with wellbeing and health care such as eye, dental, hearing, and podiatry treatments, GP visits, pharmacy prescriptions, and mobility equipment. Grants also extend to heating needs and ambulance fees.




Before Applying

  • First, please ensure that you are a registered iwi member of the Raukawa Settlement Trust – if you are unsure then call 0800 RAUKAWA (0800 728 5292) to check your details.
  • If you are not registered, then click the following link to download a Tribal Register Application Form or you can click the following link to Register Online
  • Once your application has been verified and you have been notified that you are a registered iwi member of the Raukawa Settlement Trust, then download the application form below, complete it and send it back to us along with all required supporting documentation.




Key Dates



Kuia & Koroua Wellbeing Grant – 2022/2023

CLOSES 31 MAY 2023







Kuia and Koroua Wellbeing Grant Enquiries

Thelma Reti – 0800 RAUKAWA (0800 728 5292)

Send e-mail enquiry