Mahuru Māori 2018

Mahuru Māori 2018

Mahuru Māori is an initiative that encourages the everyday use te reo Māori, at any level, specifically within the month of September. This kaupapa is about giving it a go and stretching beyond your te reo Māori comfort zone.


Last year, 600 people took up the challenge for Mahuru Māori, the goal this year is to reach 2500. There are 3 different levels of participation:


  • Kotahi te rā ia wiki o te marama (one full day a week for a month)
  • Kotahi wiki o te marama (one week of the month)
  • Te roanga atu o Mahuru (The whole month of September.


You can register at:


Raukawa Charitable Trust will be holding different activities to support Māhuru Māori:


Morning Karakia and waiata, 9am – Raukawa House


Hei Mapuna – Wednesday nights 5.30pm – Tokoroa and Putaruru

Weekly classes for participants that share a desire to improve and grow their understanding of te reo. The classes cater to both beginners and intermediate speakers, and cover vocabulary, grammar, kīwaha, whakataukī and more.


Te Wiki o Te Reo Māori – 10 – 16 September

Daily 1 hour workshops
Rāhina (Monday) Basic Te Reo 1
Rātū (Tuesday) Whakapapa
Rāapa (Wednesday) Basic Te Reo 2
Rāpare (Thursday) Basic Te Reo 3


Daily Email, Website Information & Social Media Post

Each day throughout the week you will receive the following reo support information via email.
Te Kupu o te Rā – a word of the day relating to general work or home with an explanation and example of use.
Te Kīwaha o te Rā – a slang expression with an explanation and example of use.
Te Whakataukī o te Rā – a proverb with an explanation and example of use.
He Tikanga o te Rā – a customary practise with an explanation.


Te Uru Raukawa – Saturday 15 September – Rawhitiroa-Owairaka Marae

Te Uru Raukawa is a once a month wānanga programme designed to assist students in gaining greater confidence and a deeper understanding of te reo Māori and tikanga. We run two streams, one for the basic level beginners and an intermediate to highly fluent stream.
In the reo component, we cover grammar, kīwaha, whakataukī and more. In the tikanga component, we canvass a wide area such as whaikōrero, karanga and different tikanga practices on the marae such as pōwhiri, tangihanga and karakia.


Te Whare Kōrero o Raukawa – Sunday 30 September to Thursday 4 October – Pikitu Marae

Te Whare Kōrero o Raukawa is a week-long iwi led programme aimed at uplifting the knowledge, confidence and capability of Raukawa te reo Māori speakers and learners.

The kaupapa is built on teaching Raukawa history, language, whakapapa, whaikōrero, karanga, mōteatea, tikanga and reconnecting our people to our significant sites and traditional practices. People will learn in a supportive learning environment targeted at their specific needs and confidence levels from basic through to advanced fluency levels, all taught by high calibre, local te reo Māori and tikanga tutors.


Any enquires please contact: Charlie Tepana, Reo and Tikanga Programme Lead, on 0800 RAUKAWA or